Friday, January 1, 2016

Netflix & Chill

I'm a little eager to get my blog up and going, so here's another blog post for today :)

I was so close to going to the gym today, but decided against it. I'm going to enjoy the rest of my weekend before going back to work on Monday and getting my booty back on track 100%. I've been on break for two weeks and while it has been SO NICE, I am ready for a regular routine again and to get back to work.

Bryce (my hubby) and I have spent all day lounging and binge watching Netflix and football games. We finally finished watching "Making a Murderer" today. WOW. That series was so good and left me with a ton of questions. We both believe Steven Avery is innocent. Has anyone else been watching this series? What are your thoughts? If you're looking for something good to watch on Netflix- I highly recommend this series!

I wanted to share our new bedroom comforter we got the other night. We had dinner at 54th Street and afterwards, I had suggested just stopping in TJ Maxx to look around and kill some time. And what do we walk out with? A new comforter, new sheets, and new bedroom curtains-haha!

We had been using the same comforter we received as a wedding gift, so this was technically the first comforter we have bought ourselves. I love it SO much. Our comforter before was a light tan shade and matched our wall color too much. This new comforter adds some color!

 I love that it's reversible too. And did I mention it was only $35?!? For a king?!? The brand is Cynthia Rowley.

These are the new curtains. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but they are a light metallic grey color. They are perfect and match the grey in the comforter so well!

These small nightstands I got for $20 (total) from a local swap shop on Facebook. I plan to paint these a pretty white color sometime during my spring break.

This wall is the opposite of our bed. I'd like to add to it eventually :)

It was Red Friday today, so of course, I had to rep my KC Chiefs who play on Sunday! It's been such an amazing year for KC sports.

I had a gift card to Sonic, so Bryce and I ventured out this afternoon to Sonic down the road for happy hour. I got a large diet coke with cherry flavor (1 sp). For non-weight watcher followers, sp stands for "smart points" which is what we use to track our daily points!

Also... I just applied for grad school..eek! Bryce just finished his first semester of grad school, and I feel like I'm ready for that next step too. Plus, I think it would be awesome if we both went through it together. I would be getting a Master of Arts in Education. I'm still in the early stages of the application process, but prayers are welcome! Lord knows I'll need the strength, patience, and determination to go through school again!

Hope you're all having a wonderful first day of 2016!


  1. Going back to school myself and firmly believe in the power of prayer! Got you on my prayer list

  2. I just binge watched Making a Murderer yesterday too... so unbelievable! You have to respect him for stepping up to the plate and fighting to find a way out in the end. I think he is innocent too. Cute bedroom! Good luck with grad school apps too! I went back and got an MBA while working full-time a couple years ago, and it was tough, but I am so grateful I did it!

  3. You are doing so great. I really like your blog already. Good luck with school. Me and my husband only did one semester at the same time. He stresses me with school work bc he procrastinate. The semester we were I. It together he didn't proof my papers bc he had his own. I'm glad I started and finished first. ��. We still love each other through it all

  4. This is my 2nd year teaching fourth grade and I just started my grad degree in the fall. I decided on literacy/ reading specialist. It has been a great experience so far and I've learned so much. It was tough making it through a whole semester and I was so happy to see Christmas break!! Lol. Good luck!!

  5. I am so glad you started a blog!!! Also, can I just say how nice it is to read a blog that is well-written and not full of typos and grammatical errors? It must be the teacher in you. :-) Hubby and I just started watching "Making A Murderer" yesterday and are three episodes in and those crooked police are infuriating! The series is great, though -- so engaging. I'm sure we'll finish it in the next day or two. Happy new year!