Monday, February 22, 2016


Hiiiiii, guys!!

Long time, no blog!

I know, I know. I was all excited that I started a blog on New Year's Day and posted for a couple days, and then I stopped. Well... it was for good reason. One of my followers on instagram reached out to me and asked if she could create a blog design for me! I was thrilled that she wanted to take time to do that for me. We've been in constant communication back and forth for a while now and she just finished installing my new design. I LOVE IT! It's exactly what I was wanting. Thank you, Tricia! If you have a blog and are looking for a new design/layout, I highly recommend you reaching out to Tricia!

My blog now has easy links for my social media. On the right side under my picture, you will find links to my YouTube channel, instagram, and twitter. I also now have links at the top under my header where I will start linking my blog posts to fit in that particular category. Like I've mentioned before, this blog will be full of my weight loss journey on Weight Watchers, my passion for teaching, my love for makeup, decorating, cooking, etc. I'm so excited!!

I just finished eating dinner, and now I'm anxiously waiting for The Bachelor to be on. Anyone else watch this show? Totally a guilty pleasure of mine, and I can't bring myself to watch every season (depends on who the bachelor is), but I really like Ben. Who is your favorite? I really like Lauren B. and Jojo.
After The Bachelor, I'll be watching the season finale of Teen Mom. ANOTHER guilty pleasure.

Happy Monday!


  1. Yay!!! It looks awesome!!!

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  3. Love following you and getting great idea to help me on my WW journey. Thank you