Saturday, February 27, 2016

VIP Table and Question of the Day

One thing I love about being a teacher is all of the AMAZING ideas I find all over the internet. I've recently come to find that there are soooo many teaching instagram pages out there and I have become obsessed with scrolling through their wonderful pictures of idea after idea after idea. I feel like I have screen-shot so many pictures to my phone so I can copy these ideas. They are fabulous!

One idea that I found from @miss5th's instagram page is something that I started this past Tuesday. It is called the "VIP Student".

I am always looking for ways to motivate my students' behavior. What I do is draw a random stick with my students' number on it. I don't reveal whose stick I choose, so it keeps them on their toes. I tell them I am going to watch this student all day for good behavior and these things: being a good example, doing their personal best, being a role model, being a leader, being a good friend, and being a hard worker. They are anxious all day of who the VIP student could be. If the student I chose possesses all of these things, I reveal who that student is the next morning and they get to sit at the VIP table all day. Along with sitting at the VIP table, they get to use any of the special supplies on the table. They feel special and important while sitting here and it motivates other students' to show good behavior in hopes that I will choose them in the future. If a student I choose does not possess good behavior during the day, they will not get to sit at the VIP table the next day. I do not reveal who this student is. I just simply say "This student did not show good behavior and did not show me the expectations I am looking for." This actually happened yesterday and my students had some scared looks on their faces-ha! Anything to get them motivated! They are really loving this idea.

Another idea I've found recently is where I ask my students a question on my whiteboard and they must answer the question on a post-it note. This is done first thing in the morning when they come in and read their morning message. Each day asks a different question.

Thursday was the first day that I tried this. It was a big hit. My kids get excited to see what question I will ask them each day. And my favorite part is reading their answers. It's such a great way to start the day! And it stays up on the board all day long, so they can read their classmates' responses. Yesterday the question was "Fabulous Friday: What's one thing you are looking forward to this weekend?" I can't wait to do this all next week!

And this quote could not be more true :)

Happy weekend!

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